How We Do It

We created a best of the best network of real estate professionals and other service providers such as mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys and contractors. The network members adhere to our rigorous standards of professionalism, customer service and market knowledge. If they don’t, they’re out.

We do not charge our clients for our services. We’re compensated by an industry-standard broker-to-broker referral fee. We’re able to remain unbiased and impartial because we’re not affiliated with any one real estate firm, agent or service provider. We simply choose the right professional for the job. And, if it’s not working, we fix it!

braddock + purcell takes the guesswork and chaos out of the buying and selling process by providing a highly customized, personal service that addresses the total experience, including identifying the most effective broker for you. braddock + purcell brings you the respect and understanding that is required to make a sound financial decision.

  • We speak to you and listen to you before you begin your search with a real estate broker.
  • We help you articulate your wants and needs early in the real estate process, when it counts most.
  • We conduct tele-conferencing and face-to-face consultations to advise on real estate steps and solutions for you.
  • We educate you and manage your expectations throughout the process.
  • We analyze your desires and we hand pick the best service provider for you from our “best of the best” network: real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, attorneys, movers, insurance agents, appraisers, financial planners, etc. “One size does not fit all.”
  • We are your advocate.