braddock + purcell have done the impossible by making the residential real estate process fun and engaging for me as a first-time homebuyer. From finding a savvy and sensitive Westchester-based real estate broker to introducing me to a phenomenal mortgage broker, working with braddock + purcell translates to having powerful friends in real estate who care about you before, during and after the deal is done.

Lisa MItchel, Executive, UPS


“The service we have received from braddock + purcell has been top class throughout the process. The decision not to buyis as significant as to buyand you have provided objective, helpful advice all along. We have enjoyed meeting each of the contacts you have put us in touch with and you were well tuned in to our needs. We will certainly be passing on strong recommendations to others that we speak to about real estate investing.”

Paul Carter, Boston Consulting Group


“Having just used the services of braddock + purcell, I can’t say enough about the help they provided me throughout the entire process of my apartment purchase in Manhattan.
From our initial conversation where braddock + purcell gave me a comprehensive overview of the real estate market in NYC, to recommending a fantastic broker, to asking all of the questions I didn’t know to ask in my first walk, b + p has been my primary source of reliable
information and trustworthy advice. Frankly, they were an invaluable resource and I strongly recommend that anyone looking at a potential purchase of property within NYC
give b + p a call. They were simply fantastic!”

Greg Parsons, McKinsey & Company


“The residential real estate industry can be enormously frustrating to the consumer. In my lifetime the level of careI’ve received from various residential real estate brokers has varied widely, and I’ve been frequently disappointed about the general lack of professionalism in the industry. I look to braddock + purcell as expert residential real estate guides who’ll ensure that the process of selling my Chelsea loft is seamless, secure,
efficient and pain-free.”

John Podesta, Apparel Industry Executive

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Kevin Molloy, Vice President, AXA Financial

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Ken Lustbader, Historic Preservation Consultant

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Luis Alvarez, VP, global financial services firm
Sonia Garica-Romero, VP, global financial services firm