The Suburbs

Each suburban community has its own style and “way of doing things.” There’s a dizzying array of choices, but Braddock + Purcell has the unique ability to help you navigate your move to any one of the 500 communities within a one-hour commute of New York City!

braddock + purcell will conduct an extensive needs’ analysis with you and your family. We quickly come to a complete understanding of “who you are” and how to make your move successful for you.

  • We’ll provide you with the guidelines for the search process.
  • We’ll determine the right location based on desired lifestyle.
  • We’ll recommend the right real estate broker for you in each area.
  • We’ll provide overviews of school systems.
  • We’ll offer advice on community activities.
  • We’ll assist in determining the value of a house.
  • We’ll manage the process to ensure that all of the pieces come together.
  • Everything you need is available at braddock + purcell.